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Libraries are not neutral: Implementing social justice and critical information literacy into one-shot instruction

Presented by

  • Stefanie Hilles (Miami University)


The United States is finally listening to the Black Lives Matter Movement. After the tragic murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and far too many others at the hands of police, white Americans are recognizing the systemic racism inherent in our culture and systems. However, it’s not enough to merely acknowledge systemic racism, we need to work to dismantle racist power narratives. How can we as librarians, an overwhelming white profession, begin to do this necessary work in the classroom?

This poster will serve two main functions. First, it will discuss how social justice relates to the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy, notably in the frames Authority is Constructed and Contextual, Information has Value, and Scholarship as Conversation. It will also detail the arguments of librarians who have criticized the frames for not taking a strong enough stance on social justice issues.

Next, this poster will explore various ways social justice can be integrated into one-shot library instruction through critical information literacy. The ideas presented will be applicable to social justice as it pertains to race, gender, or sexual orientation. Attendees will have concrete ideas for how they can implement social justice work into their one-shots after viewing the poster.


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Stefanie Hilles is the Arts and Humanities Librarian at Wertz Art and Architecture Library at Miami University

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