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Poster Sessions

Information Literacy in General Education

Presented by

  • Catie Carlson (University of Cincinnati Clermont College)
  • Luann Edwards (Tiffin University)


In a multi-year process, an entire general education curriculum was revised. Through this revision, the curriculum went from a subject-focused list to one that highly emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and analysis. The library was fortunate to be involved throughout this revision working with faculty for a comprehensive 4-year curriculum. We will explore the ways in which the library was involved and what the resulting curriculum became, including information on key takeaways regarding delivery in two modalities (classroom-based and online). We will also explain how this impacted library resources and services in the curriculum’s first year and what its future may be.

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Catie Carlson is the Library Director at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. She previously worked at Tiffin University as the Library Director during their general education curriculum revision. She holds a an MLIS

Luann Edwards is the current Library Director at Tiffin University

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