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Featured Speakers

Rebekkah Smith Aldrich

Mid-Hudson Library System

Rebekkah Smith Aldrich is the executive director of the Mid-Hudson Library System, a cooperative public library system with 66 members. ...

Ione Damasco

University of Dayton

Ione T. Damasco, M.L.I.S., is a Professor and Director of Information Acquisition & Organization at the University of Dayton, where ...

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick


Kaetrena Davis Kendrick earned her MSLS from the historic Clark Atlanta University School of Library and Information Studies. Her research ...

Nancy Kirkpatrick


Nancy S. Kirkpatrick is the Executive Director and CEO of OhioNET, a multi-type library consortium based in Columbus, OH and ...

Additional Speakers

Kristen Adams

Miami University

Kristen Adams is the science and engineering librarian in the Advise and Instruct department at the Miami University Libraries. Adams ...

Kathleen Baril

Ohio Northern University

Kathleen Baril is the Director of Heterick Memorial Library at Ohio Northern University. She has a M.A. in Library Information ...

Maureen Barry

Bowling Green State University

Maureen Barry joined Bowling Green State University as Reference and Instruction Librarian in Spring 2019. She is the subject librarian ...

Christina Beis

University of Dayton

Christina 'Tina' Beis is assistant professor and discovery services librarian at the University of Dayton Libraries. She manages the life ...

Veronica Bielat

Wayne State University

Veronica Bielat is the Student Success Librarian and English Subject Specialist in Wayne State University’s Library System. She strives to ...

Ginny Boehme

Miami University

Ginny Boehme is a science librarian in the Advise & Instruct department at Miami University Libraries, with liaison responsibilities for ...

Colleen Boff

Bowling Green State University

Dr. Colleen Boff is the Head of the Curriculum Resource Center at Bowling Green State University.

Mike Bomholt

Miami University

Mike Bomholt is a Technology Development Manager. He specializes in Endpoint device and software management.

Sara Butler-Tongate

Bowling Green State University

Sara Butler-Tongate is the Reference Archivist for the Center for Archival Collections at Bowling Green State University. Her research interests ...

Cara Calabrese

Miami University

Cara Calabrese is the Acquisitions & Access Librarian at Miami University Libraries. She received her MLIS from Florida State University ...

Catherine Cardwell

University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Catherine Cardwell is the Regional Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library at ...

Catie Carlson

University of Cincinnati Clermont

Catie Carlson is the Library Director at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. She previously worked at Tiffin University as ...

Lori Chapin

Miami University

Lori Chapin is currently serving as the Manager of Innovative Spaces, she supports the University Libraries’ classrooms. Lori has a ...

Kristen Cole

Otterbein University

Kristin Cole (she/her/hers) is the Assessment and Special Projects Librarian, Associate Professor at Otterbein University. She oversees the library’s assessment ...

Jess Crossfield McIntosh

Otterbein University

Jess Crossfield McIntosh (she/her/hers) is the Public Services Librarian, Associate Professor at Otterbein University. Jess manages outreach, marketing, and public ...

Mark Dahlquist

Miami University

Mark Dahlquist (Miami University) is a Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian. His research interests include digital humanities, information creativity and ...

Malachai Darling

Indiana University-Bloomington

Malachai Darling is a recent graduate from Indiana University with a master's degree in Library Science and a specialization in ...

Chris Deems

Ohio Northern University

Chris Deems is the Systems and Technology Librarian at Ohio Northern University and currently serves as the newest TEDSIG Co-Chair. ...

Mark Eddy

Case Western Reserve University

Mark Eddy is a Research Services Librarian liaison to social sciences and humanities departments at Case Western Reserve University. He ...

Luann Edwards

Tiffin University

Luann Edwards is the current Library Director at Tiffin University, having worked previously as the Online Services Librarian. She is ...

Sandra Enimil

Yale University Library

Sandra Aya Enimil is the Copyright Librarian and Contracting Specialist at Yale University Library. Prior to this role, she was ...

Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros

The Ohio State University

Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros is an Assistant Professor and Latin American Area Studies Librarian at The Ohio State University ...

Jillian Ewalt

University of Dayton

As a Librarian for Visual Resources, Jillian manages the art and image collections in the Marian Library. She oversees collection ...

Ash Faulkner

The Ohio State University

Ash E. Faulkner is the Business Librarian at The Ohio State University Library. She graduated from Kent State University with ...

Matt Francis

Ohio Northern University

Matt is the Archivist at Ohio Northern University, and has been a practicing archivist since 2008. He has a M.A. ...

Madeline Gaiser

University of Cincinnati

Madeleine Gaiser is the Online Learning and Instruction Librarian for the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH) ...

Heidi Gauder

University of Dayton

Heidi Gauder is professor and coordinator of research & instruction at University of Dayton. She chairs the Instruction and Research ...

Katie Gibson

Miami Univeristy

Katie Gibson is a Humanities Librarian at Miami University Libraries. She received her MLS from Indiana University in 2006. Research ...

Jane Hammons

The Ohio State University

Jane Hammons is the Teaching and Learning Engagement Librarian and an assistant professor at The Ohio State University. As part ...

Henry Handley

University of Dayton

Henry Handley is a collections librarian stewarding a special collection in an academic library in Ohio, where he considers equity, ...

Stefanie Hilles

Miami University

Stefanie Hilles is the Arts and Humanities Librarian at Wertz Art and Architecture Library at Miami University, where she liaisons ...

Yuimi Hlasten

Denison University

Yuimi Hlasten holds a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She received her Bachelor of ...

Kim Hoffman

Miami University

Kim Hoffman is the Preservation Librarian at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where she is responsible for maintaining both the ...

Sharon Holderman

Tennessee Tech University

Sharon Holderman is the Coordinator of Public Services at Tennessee Tech University, which includes reference, instruction, tutoring, testing, circulation, collection ...

Ken Irwin

Miami University

Ken Irwin is a Web Services Librarian at Miami University. He is interested in developing open-source solutions to solve challenging ...

Jennifer Joe

University of Toledo

Jennifer Joe is an Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Engagement Librarian at the University of Toledo. Previously, she worked at Western ...

Jacky Johnson

Miami University

Johnson is the University Archivist at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. She earned her bachelor's degree from Limestone College and master’s ...

Katy Kelly

University of Dayton

Katy Kelly is associate professor and coordinator of marketing and engagement at University of Dayton Libraries. She promotes library services ...

Zachary Lewis

University of Dayton

Zachary Lewis holds the role of Student Success Librarian and Assistant Professor at University of Dayton. His work involves supporting ...

Rachel Makarowski

Miami University

Rachel Makarowski is the Special Collections Librarian at Miami University. She graduated from IU Bloomington with an MLS, specializing in ...

Megan Mamolen

Lakeland Community College

Megan Mamolen is a Librarian and Assistant Professor at Lakeland Community College. She has worked in academic libraries for 5 ...

Kevin Messner

Miami University

Kevin Messner is the Head of Advise & Instruct at Miami University Libraries. He received an MS in Library and ...

Marsha Miles

Cleveland State University

Marsha Miles is Head of Collections and Digital Initiatives at Cleveland State University. She holds a Master in Library and ...

Jolene Miller

University of Toledo

Jolene Miller is Director of the Mulford Health Science Library and an Assistant Professor of Library Administration at the University ...

Alisa Mizikar

Wittenberg University

Alisa Mizikar is a Reference Librarian at Wittenberg University. She is interested in building community and making the library a ...

Abi Morgan

Miami University

Abi Morgan is a Social Sciences librarian at Miami University.

Matthew Morgan

Ohio Northern University

Matthew Morgan is a senior undergraduate Psychology student with a minor in Statistics. He works part time at the Ohio ...

Carla Myers

Miami University

Carla Myers serves as Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Scholarly Communications for the Miami University Libraries. Her professional presentations and ...

Sarah Nagle

Miami University

As Creation and Innovation Services Librarian, Sarah Nagle supports maker learning and innovation topics. Her research interests include maker/creative spaces ...

Jody Perkins

Miami University

Jody Perkins is a Digital Scholarship Librarian. Her research interests include Digital Libraries, Linked Open Data and Digital Humanities Pedagogy. ...

Kristen Peters

Wittenberg University

Kristen Peters is the Interim Director at Wittenberg University's library. She is always on the lookout for new ways the ...

Stephanie Porrata

The Ohio State University

Stephanie Porrata graduated with a an M.A in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and M.L.S in May of 2019 and ...

Carah Porter

Ohio Northern University

Carah Porter is a senior undergraduate psychology student at Ohio Northern University. She works part time at the Ohio Northern ...

Justine Post

Ohio Northern University

Justine Post is the Writing Center Director and an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Ohio Northern University. She ...

Megan Powell

Franklin University

Megan Powell (she/her/hers) is the Access Services Manager at Franklin University. She is responsible for planning and organizing all circulation ...

Chris Robinson-Nkongola

Bowling Green State University

Chris is a graduate of Indiana State University (English) and Drexel University (MLIS) and has worked in academic libraries for ...

Edith Scarletto

Bowling Green State University

Edith is a graduate of Wittenberg University (Sociology) and Kent State University (MLIS) and has been an academic librarian for ...

Maureen Schlangen

University of Dayton

Maureen Schlangen manages the university’s open-access institutional repository and contributes to the Libraries’ marketing and communications efforts.

Tina Schneider

The Ohio State University

Tina Schneider is a Professor with Ohio State University Libraries and the director of the Lima Campus Library.

Ragan Snead

Lakeland Community College

Ragan Snead is the Circulation Services Coordinator at Lakeland Community College. She has been working in public and academic libraries ...

Daniela Soloman

Case Western University

Daniela Solomon is a Research Services Librarian liaison to engineering departments at Case Western Reserve University. She received her BS ...

Bethany Spieth

Ohio Northern University

Bethany Spieth is the Instruction & Access Services Librarian at Heterick Memorial Library at Ohio Northern University. She has an ...

Tammy Stitz

University of Akron

Troy Walker

Wayne State University

Troy Walker is a Graduate Student Assistant in Wayne State University’s Library System and is about to enter the second ...

Zach Walton

The Ohio State University

Zach Walton is the Reference and Instruction Librarian at The Ohio State University at Lima.

Jason Wardell

University of Dayton

Jason Wardell holds the role of Health & Life Sciences Librarian and Assistant Professor at University of Dayton. As the ...

Rob O'Brien Withers

Miami University

Withers is Coordinator of Access Services at Miami University. He has presented at conferences including the Access Services Conference, ACRL, ...

Jerry Yarnetsky

Miami University

Jerry Yarnetsky is a Web Services librarian at Miami University.

Ann Zlotnik

University of Dayton

Ann Zlotnik is the communications coordinator for the Marian Library and the graphic designer for University of Dayton Libraries. She ...