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Poster Sessions

Evolution of a Mindfulness Based Stress Relief Program for the Community College Campus

Presented by

  • Megan Mamolen (Lakeland Community College)
  • Ragan Snead (Lakeland Community College)


Although not mainstream in academic settings, recent studies have indicated the value of mindfulness activities on student performance, behavior, and resilience (e.g. Lin and Mai, 2018; Vidic and Cherup, 2019). We recognized the need for mindfulness practices among our stressed community college students who are routinely tasked with juggling academic obligations and personal barriers. Providing snacks and space simply was not enough support. To address this need, we expanded upon an inherited stress relief program delivered to students twice each semester. We built in a foundation of mindfulness activities, including meditation and therapy dog sessions. We continue to add experimental passive and active mindfulness options designed to capture the attention of a very diverse body of students. The result is a work in progress, but one that has enabled us to form lasting connections and initiate greater opportunities for the library to provide mindfulness services across campus. Utilizing a poster presentation format, we wish to demonstrate to conference attendees a method and examples by which to establish an intentional mindfulness-based stress relief program. We will emphasize leveraging of existing resources, including mindfulness skills, interests, and campus relationships of academic library staff.


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Megan Mamolen is a Librarian and Assistant Professor at Lakeland Community College. She has worked in academic libraries for 5 years and is interested in how programming and mindfulness activities influence library anxiety. Megan has practiced meditation for nearly a decade and has helped develop and coordinate community meditation groups. She now provides guided meditation sessions for Lakeland students

Ragan Snead is the Circulation Services Coordinator at Lakeland Community College. She has been working in public and academic libraries for 11 years and is interested in engaging students through unique and intentional programming. Ragan is a member of the Lakeland Employee Wellness Committee which coordinates wellness and mindfulness activities across campus. Ragan regularly practices yoga and is pursuing a yoga teacher certification.

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