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Sustainable Library Instruction with Zero Cost Strategy

Presented by

  • Yuimi Hlasten (Denison Library)


When I came to the US as an international student, the most difficult part was to understand spoken English. All teachers kindly told me I could ask questions any time, but I had a question every 5 seconds. Of course, I was too embarrassed to say, “What did you just say?” every 5 seconds. I have a son with ADHD, who proudly asks me “what did you just say?” all the time, but unlike my son, not many people enjoy asking “what did you just say?” all the time.

So, I wanted to create sustainable online library instruction and a flexible learning space where students can pause, actively engage, and ask questions without being judged for their English language skills or learning disabilities, with a zero-cost strategy.

This is my attempt to create zero cost online library instruction (my example is RefWorks online workshop) by using Google Course Builder and ShareX. Google Course Builder and ShareX are both free. You will need to install C# compiler and Python in order to use Google Course Builder, but you don’t need any programming experience. And I will explain how to install C# and Python, and share all tips I learned from using the free but sometimes quirky software.


Yuimi Hlasten holds a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Okayama University, Japan. Her interests include educational technology, services to international students, e-resources, and institutional repositories. She loves coffee, chewing gum, and all small sized vertebrates that come with legs.

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