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Switch to Session Search October 27

Day 1

Tuesday Night Social 🎉

October 28

Day 2

Virtual Help Desk

ALAO Membership Meeting

Renewal: Promoting Civility and Self-Care in (Academic) Libraries

  • Kaetrena Davis Kendrick Renewals

From Being To Doing: Anti-racism as Action at Work

  • Ione Damasco University of Dayton

Making the Most of your ALAO Membership

October 29

Day 3

Virtual Help Desk

Sustainable Thinking for Building Community Resilience

  • Rebekkah Smith Aldrich Mid-Hudson Library System

Microaggressions in a Time of Trauma: Engaging Empathy with Colleagues as a Form of Antiracism

  • Chris Robinson-Nkongola Bowling Green State University

  • Edith Scarletto Bowling Green State University

Connecting Communities and Building Collections: Archiving a Community’s Resilience during a Pandemic

  • Kim Hoffman Miami University

  • Jacky Johnson Miami University

  • Rachel Makarowski Miami University

  • Carla Myers Miami University

Did it help?: Assessing how a change in streaming video access impacted expenditures and staff

  • Cara Calabrese Miami University

  • Katie Gibson Miami Univeristy

  • Kevin Messner Miami University

Teaching the Faculty to Teach Information Literacy: Examples and Considerations

  • Jane Hammons The Ohio State University

Awards 👏


Building New Networks: Outreach, Campus Partnerships, and Student Employment in a Pandemic

  • Tina Schneider The Ohio State University

  • Zach Walton The Ohio State University

Equity Diversity and Inclusion as Action: Designing a collective EDI strategy with library staff

  • Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros The Ohio State University

  • Sandra Enimil Yale University Library

Health Science Librarians' Engagement in Work-Related Reflection: A Qualitative Exploration of why they Invest in Reflective Practice: Preliminary Findings and Application to Academic Libraries

  • Jolene Miller University of Toledo

People-First Promotion: Rallying Library Workers during COVID-19

  • Christina Beis University of Dayton

  • Katy Kelly University of Dayton

  • Maureen Schlangen University of Dayton

  • Ann Zlotnik University of Dayton

Anchoring Change: Using the Kotter Change Management Framework to Analyze and Facilitate Change in Academic Libraries

  • Colleen Boff Bowling Green State University

  • Catherine Cardwell University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Supporting Information Literacy Learning in Developmental Writing Courses: A Model for Library and Writing Center Collaboration

  • Kathleen Baril Ohio Northern University

  • Matthew Morgan Ohio Northern University

  • Carah Porter Ohio Northern University

  • Justine Post Ohio Northern University

  • Bethany Spieth Ohio Northern University

October 30

Day 4

Virtual Help Desk

Analysis and Assessment of the 'Get it Now' Service, Five Years after Implementation - is it Fulfilling its Purpose Sustainably?

  • Kristen Adams Miami University

  • Kevin Messner Miami University

Speaking to Diversity through Information Literacy

  • Jennifer Joe University of Toledo

Identity, Harm, and Hate in Special Collections

  • Henry Handley University of Dayton

Making Changes: Sustaining Innovative Services During a Pandemic

  • Lori Chapin Miami University

  • Sarah Nagle Miami University

How do I use statistics to help my library? Let me count the ways.

  • Sharon Holderman Tennessee Tech University

Beyond the Checklist: Introducing the SIFT Strategy to a Campus

  • Veronica Bielat Wayne State University

  • Troy Walker Wayne State University

Sustainability Interest Group (SUSIG)

STEM Interest Group (STEMIG)

Instruction Interest Group (IIG)

Special Collections and Archives Interest Group (SCAIG)


Cloud-based Video Editing as a Circulating Library Resource: Deploying and Supporting a Web-based Creative Tool for Face-to-Face and Remote Instruction and Community Engagement

  • Mike Bomholt Miami University

  • Mark Dahlquist Miami University

  • Jody Perkins Miami University

Flexible, Scalable, and Sustainable Data Literacy Instruction: Remote Learning and Collaboration for the Future

  • Kristen Adams Miami University

  • Ginny Boehme Miami University

Business Research Skills for Non-Business Librarians

  • Ash Faulkner The Ohio State University

Resiliency and Other Myths: Keeping It Real in 2020

  • Nancy Kirkpatrick OhioNET